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Squats! Everybody loves squats. Squats are honestly amazing for your legs and booty. They even help strengthen your back too! They’re just all round awesome and great for shaping your body.

P.s sorry for my awkward face hahaha but I do love the way my arms are looking!


  • Begin in standing position with feet at hip width or slightly wider apart with toes pointing forward.

  • Flex at your hips and knees to lower your seat to knee height, with your knees positioned over your feet and not extending past your toes

  • Push through your heels and engage your glutes to return to the starting position

  • Keep chest up, shoulders back and core engaged throughout the movement


  • Incomplete range of motion

  • Weight forward into the ball of foot rather tan sitting back into heels

  • Knees tracking in front of the toes or buckling inward


  • Modify the range of motion in the descent or hip/knee flexion

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The word ‘tabata’ should scare you. This is so intense!

that’s just dancing.

you do that when you hype as fuck.

Challenge accepted.

jlareine This is one of your workouts of choice, right?